Justice for Jeyaraj and Fenix

Who do you call when the cops murder?

Resolved! The cops in question were arrested. Thank you your support, we can take them down only if we work together.
-Tanvi Bharti

On June 19th 2020, P Jayaraj (59) and his son Fenix (31), residents of Tuticorin were picked up for questioning by the cops in the Sathankulam police force for violating lockdown rules. The police said that the duo kept their mobile shop open during the lockdown.

They were tortured, raped, and then brutally murdered by the police while in holding. They were taken to an area with no CCTV coverage and were beaten and sodomized with iron tipped lathis (batons).

On June 22nd, Fenix died of his injuries and his father died the following day.

Help Jeyaraj, Fenix, and the thousands other Indians who've fallen victim to violence at the hands of the police get justice. We demand appropriate legal action and professional suspension of the policemen involved in this incident.

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